Interview with Maria Góralczyk

Maria Góralczyk

Co-founder of The Leader’s


THE LEADER’S: What do you think the first months of the company’s operation were like?

Marysia: There was certainly a lot of hard and intense work, but I also can’t say that I didn’t feel excited and happy to be doing something on my own terms. In addition to knowing the real estate industry, knowing what we wanted to create and how we wanted to create it, there were a lot of topics related to running a business that we had to learn. We spent a lot of time analyzing issues that are related to the company’s business but are not directly related to our industry. After all, the idea of creating your own business is one thing, and its implementation is another.

From the beginning, we have not only focused on doing deals and being Agents, but also on tasks from the organizational side. Both before and immediately after the opening, there were a lot of things to put together and to discuss. Certainly, the opening itself was a great joy for us, but it involved dozens of things to prepare. It’s well known that everything needs time to get rolling, and a person would want everything to go right away. I guess this determination made it three months and we have everything arranged.

TL: It’s been 3 months; how does it look now? Success, or perhaps disappointment?

Marysia: We’ve gotten on the right track now. We have a lot more know-how about running a company and all the topics that are related to it. In addition, we have selected the right subcontractors to whom we entrust issues that go beyond our specialization. We have expanded our team nicely – we have six Agents now. You might say that’s not a lot, but still the idea of running a boutique Premium Real Estate Agency is our focus. A few more people will join in due course. The second stage of recruitment will start soon.

All in all, we’ve made a nice entry into the season, which is just beginning in the spring. The opening of the company was in February, and it was a good time to start the business, because of the time we had to prepare properly for our clients in the meantime.

TL: You mentioned that it’s one thing to have an idea and another to run a company. Where, then, did you get the idea that you three decided to start your own company?

Marysia: I’ve been working in real estate for 10 years now. In my case, after about 5-6 years, I found that I would like to have my own company in the future. At that time, already many people suggested to me that I should try to go in that direction and become a so-called freelancer, because I’m doing great. Only I knew that I never wanted to be fully freelance. I wanted to have both a successful business in the future, but also to work as an Agent.

Whenever I thought about it, I always knew that it was someone I wanted to go into partnership with, but at the same time I had it in my head that you have to be very careful in choosing people for such activities, because it’s a bit like getting married. I knew that it had to be someone with whom I could be sure that even after some time the cooperation would go well.

It came out a little spontaneously, but it was thoughtful at the same time.

The fact that Alicja and I and Paula went into partnership did not come out by accident. We worked together for several years and spent a lot of time together. Undoubtedly, each is a woman with a different temperament and a lot of things differ between us, but how it complements us. We certainly worked together always very well, similar seniority, commitment, results led to the moment when we felt strong and independent enough to germinate the idea of creating something of our own and thought, why not. It came out a little spontaneously, but it was thoughtful at the same time.

Over time, I can say that it was a super decision. We got along great, and our cooperation is going very well. For the time being, we’re on an upward trajectory, even though there are many situations that we have to solve together and make decisions together. It’s not that we always have a common reasoning in each category, but there was no moment when we didn’t get along.

Another issue is that being so many years in real estate I already had such a number of clients from recommendations that I myself as an Agent did not have time to provide service to everyone. Hence the thought that I wanted to have my own business and such employees to whom I could pass on my topics. Now having my own business, I know that everything that comes to me I can directly or indirectly handle. Therefore, this element also largely contributed to this decision because I knew that I should already have employees under me whom I could trust and to whom I could pass on those customers who once trusted me.

TL: You run a company and are also an Agent. What is it like to combine one with the other?

Marysia: Anything can be done with the right support, division of responsibilities and with the right people. I recently returned from vacation, and the company is breaking transaction records in May. It is the great team and supportive Associates that give a sense of inner peace. There is certainly more of this work and a lot of time to devote to it.

I used to have to combine just being an Agent with being a mom of two young children, and now I have added a third thing, which is running my own business. I tend to work sometimes during the night hours, but that’s when I also have a lot of inspiration and thoughts. Certainly, our activities as Agents are a bonus in being a co-owner of The Leader’s company, but we can’t imagine giving it up completely, because we like it all too much.

The most important thing for us is our company, our development, our work with people, our relationships with customers, but we can already afford to pass on those customer relationships we have to our employees, whom we train and who perform their duties very well and carefully, while providing top-notch service. There are, of course, things that we do ourselves, but a lot of topics already go under the wings of our Agents.

TL: Do you have any division of tasks among yourselves? If yes, what is your role in the company?

Marysia: JWe are divided by tasks so that everything works smoothly. Although we didn’t assume from the very beginning which one would be in charge of what and for which one would be responsible. We said that this is an issue that will come out in the wash, and this is what actually happened. We clarified the division of responsibilities, each of us doing what we feel best at. This division is nevertheless flexible and changes on an ongoing basis. As new needs or responsibilities arise, we respond to them and determine which one takes care of what.

I currently, in addition to customer service and working with our team, am responsible for marketing the company. Attention to detail is something that comes naturally to me, and so from the detail to the whole, I make sure that the visual consistency of the brand is consistent and that everything is elegant, interesting and fully reflects our vision for the brand.

TL: There was a little bit about the company, now tell me what trends do you notice in the market at the moment?

Marysia: A trend that has been around for years in total, but continues to be very visible, is that we have a great number of clients who want to invest in real estate. The difficulty is only on the supply side, the product on the market is there, but for investment customers are looking for something unique, and this consists of many factors, such as location, price or finish.

In addition, such a somewhat new trend is renting, which took off intensively after the covid outage. Through the pandemic, this aspect of our work slowed down, and now it has started up again. With redoubled force, in fact.

TL: If to invest in real estate, then where?

Marysia: There are a few buildings in Warsaw that rule themselves and are top of the top. Certainly, these are pre-war and restored tenements, such as Mokotowska 8, Noakowskiego 16 or Wiejska 11. These tenements can be listed a lot more. In addition, the entire vicinity of our headquarters, i.e. Chopin Street and Aleja Róż is a location desired by customers, but it is not at all easy to get something there.

Investment in Powiśle is also very popular, due to its proximity to the center and lots of greenery around. One should not forget about Stary Mokotow, Stary Wilanów, Osiedle Konstancja or Konstancin.

There has also been interest in “dream holiday homes” abroad, which can not only serve us during the winter in Poland or the summer season but renting them out seasonally is also a great business.

TL: Today is your birthday, what do you wish for yourself on this day?

Marysia: : I’m definitely filled with happiness that I’m a mother of two children and running my own company at the same time, which is growing so rapidly. I’m at an age that is definitely right for me to take the next serious steps in life and continue to grow. What do I wish for myself? I think health for my family and further successful development of the company.

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